2021 Marion County Father-Daughter Dance

By Ambleside School of Ocala (other events)

3 Dates Through Apr 24, 2021

   The Marion County Father-Daughter Dance is a community-wide event, with the main mission of elevating the father-daughter relationship by celebrating it with an entire evening dedicated to daughters and their fathers/father figures. 

    Much gratitude to Lance and Albina Powers who had the vision and made this a reality for our community fifteen years ago. The dance provides an incredible opportunity for fathers/father figures and daughters in our community to share a memorable evening together.  The attendees dance the night away, do a craft, have multiple photo opportunities, enjoy refreshments, and most importantly create cherished memories.  The dance continues to be a highly anticipated event as it has sold out for many years, even after adding more dances!

     The Father-Daughter Dance movement began in 1993 and has spread to many places in the country. The idea came from a father, Jim Massery, of Massachusetts after hearing Dr. Dobson on a "Focus On The Family" broadcast discuss the importance of fathers/father figures and daughters having strong, healthy relationships. He described feeling convicted when Dr. Dobson said, "A young girl will seek her father's love first at home and if she doesn't find it, she will seek it elsewhere." Within seconds Massery was struck with an idea for a father-daughter Valentine's dance that was filled with decorations, refreshments, girls with corsages, and daughters learning how a gentleman should treat a lady by observing their father's or father figure's actions. 

     The aim of the Marion County Father-Daughter Dance is much the same. This is our 15th Annual Dance. We have heard delightful stories of just how special this event has been for both fathers/father figures and daughters.